Frequently Asked Questions 

​How Do I Place An Order?

Pick a product, place it in the cart. View your cart (upper right of screen) and follow the instructions on the order form. If an item is sold out, we can duplicate the design, however each pinecone is unique!


What Payments do you accept? 

Currently we are accepting all credit cards through Square. Please contact us if you would like to make other arrangements. 


When will it ship?

We should be able to ship an in-stock product on the website within 48 hours. Custom orders may take longer, we will contact you with the estimated production time.

How big are the pinecones?

Our pinecones will vary in size. To help you visualize the approximate pinecone sizes, here are some comparisons to real world objects. The objects shown are the biggest size in the classification. For example, a medium size can be between the poker chip and the can cover. See the photo below.

How do I care for my pinecone wearable?

First and foremost please remember this is an organic object and should be treated with the care it deserves. When cleaning, never use chemicals or an abrasive polish, This will dull the surface. I would suggest a cloth dampened with a bit of water. Never expose the piece to extreme temperatures. The pinecone has a lot of energy stored and temperature or humidity extremes will cause it to move, cracking the surface.

What if I want to order a custom piece?

If you see something on the website that you like, but it is just not quite right, contact us, We will be happy to create something to your specifications.

What if this is a gift?

Tell us and we will include a gift pouch.



Do the stones have meanings?

The stones we use on our pendants are professed to enhance healing powers. To view the descriptions of the stones, please click on the icon below. This will download a PDF file.


What if I'm not satisfied?

If you are unhappy with the product when you receive it, let

us know, We will make it right. If you prefer a refund, please contact us within 14 days of the order.

Is my personal information secure?

We want you as a customer for life. We will never share personal information with anyone. Period.

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